old-wcs-g-simpkins-1Wake County Speedway was built in 1962 by Glenn Simpkins and cousin Marvin Simpkins as a quarter mile, clay motorsports facility and operated until 1964 under a lease agreement with Glenn Simpkin’s father, Oscar Simpkins. Due to other business interests, Glenn returned the lease to his father. Oscar Simpkins then leased the facility to Don Macon who operated it as Wake County Speedway until his death in 1982. After Mr. Macons death, his son subleased the speedway for the 83/84 seasons until the expiration of the lease.

In 1985 the speedway once again returned to Oscar Simpkins. However, due to health reasons, the speedway began operating under the management of brothers Talmadge and Glenn Simpkins with Talmadge’s daughter, Deborah Simpkins-McDonald being named track manager. At the conclusion of the 1986 season, the management saw the change in the trend of clay facilities being paved and decided to bring Wake County Speedway to asphalt status for the 1987 season. This was a welcome change for the competitors as well as the fans, and attendance immediately increased 20% in the 1987 season.



Track Dimensions

Wake County Racing Radius - Measurements by James Frazier

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